Chlorinated Paraffin: A Preferred Compound for Various Industries

chlorinated paraffin

Introduction: Chlorinated paraffin is a complex mixture of various compounds that is being used in many kinds of industries because of its various uses and eccentric properties. These are manufactured by the process of chlorination of parts of normal paraffin which is obtained after petroleum refining. They are used in diverse industries such as paints, adhesives, caulks, sealants etc. They are also used as coolant or lubricant during metal cutting.

Benefits of Chlorinated paraffin

There are many benefits of using Chlorinated paraffin (CP) that makes it an outstanding compound for various industrial purposes. Let us explore some of them:

1. Used in Lubrication and for Heat controlling

The foremost benefit of Chlorinated paraffin is its ability of lubricating over the metals. This makes it highly valuable compound for the metal cutting industries.

2.Chemical Resistance

CP also exhibits property of resistance to chemicals, acids, bases as well as solvents. They are highly resistible to various chemical processes dealing with harsh environments of chemicals etc.

3.Flame Retardancy

CP are also highly resistant to flames due to its flame-retardant properties. They tend to form a layer of protection when applied over other materials such as plastics, rubber, textiles etc.

Uses of Chlorinated Paraffin

Due to the multi benefits of Chlorinated paraffin, they are a preferred compound for many industrialists. The CP compound is used in various types of industries and industrialists rely on it to increase the performance of their products, improve their safety. These are also helpful in meeting the regulatory requirements. Due to the so many benefits, CP is used for many industrial applications. Some of them are as follows:

1.Leather and Textiles

He industrialists or the businessman use the Chlorinated paraffin for its fire or flame-resistant properties that is being used in the leather and textiles businesses. This makes them highly suitable for flame resistance fabrics that requires fire safety. It also helps in enhancing the softness and durability of the clothes.

2.Metalworking and Automotive Industries:

The CP compound is also used in the automobile and metal sectors. A lot of cutting, scraping, shredding is done in the metal industries which generate a lot of heat. CP can be used as a fluid for cooling purposes and as a lubricant over the metals to decrease the heat generated. This whole process also helps in reducing the degradation of the cutting tools, increasing their efficiency, precision, productivity etc.

3.Plastics and PVC Compounds:

Plastics and PVC compounds also use the CP compound extensively. They are used as a heat stabilizing compound over the PVC compounds which is also knows as Poly Vinyl chloride. The PVC industry use CP for manufacturing various things such as cables, wires, pipes, flooring etc. where the use of CP enhances the quality, durability, flexibility etc. of the products. Apart from the increased quality of the products, the flame resistance ability also increases making them more reliable for various applications.

4. Industrial Applications:

The CP is also used in the metal industry due to its various properties. They are used above the metals for reducing and stabilizing the heat generated while the metals are being worked upon. The use of CP makes the industrial applications far easier to use in the architectural, industrial, automotive sector.

5. Adhesives and Sealants:

The CP is also used as adhesives and sealants in various industrial applications. Chlorinated paraffin is also resistant to moisture making the compound more durable, strong and long lasting.

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Chlorinated paraffin comes in handy a lot of times and for various purposes. It is preferred by various industries due to its flame resistance, chemical resistance property. They are also used for lubricating purposes due to its low moisture content, low temperature on the surface etc. If you are looking Chlorinated paraffin to use in various applications, make sure to research and consult the best chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India. OMAL is one of the leading Chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India.

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