Chlorinated Paraffin Uses And Its Benefits

chlorinated paraffin uses

Chlorinated paraffin is a complex chemical material prepared by chlorinating paraffin fractions obtained from petroleum distillation. It is odorless, yellowish, and viscous with end-user applications and chlorinated paraffin uses for different applications by various industries. Chlorinated paraffin is a major secondary plasticizer used in the manufacturing of flexible PVC and chlorinated paraffin uses enhances the flame-retardant properties in PVC products such as PVC cables, flooring, and garden pipe raw material. Another chlorinated paraffin use over other plasticizers is the overall low-cost manufacturing of products. Chlorinated paraffin uses are that is used as excessive pressure additives such as metal working lubricants and cutting oil. This is due to the compatibility with oils, viscous nature, and property of hydrochloric acid at high-temperature changes. Some other chlorinated paraffin uses are that they improve the resistance to water and chemicals making them most suitable to be used in the manufacturing of marine paints, and as a coating for industrial flooring, vessels, and swimming pools. The application for which chlorinated paraffin is required decides the level of chlorination and grade of chlorinated paraffin used. At OMAL being the leading chlorinated paraffin manufacturer, we have different grades of chlorinated paraffin available such as normal grade chlorinated paraffin, heavy grade chlorinated paraffin, and commercial grade chlorinated paraffin.

Benefits of Chlorinated paraffin


Fire resistant

Chlorinated paraffin offers a low-cost and flame-retardant solution for a wide range of applications. When treated at high temperatures, CP liberated a good amount of HCL and in its condensed form, HCL contributes to the formation of char. In the vapor phase, HCl can act as a flame poison. When decomposed, CP forms a char-like residue that acts as a flame retardant. Due to its flame-retardant property, chlorinated paraffin uses are in the manufacturing of rubber, plastics, sealants, lubricants, industrial coatings, adhesives, fabrics, or any application where fire resistance is essential.

Resistant to water-based detergent extraction

Many manufacturers use water-based detergents/ adhesives to clean metal parts. All these water-based detergent extractions eliminate containments like grease and oil, it can also remove plasticizers that are much needed for an effective formulation. Chlorinated paraffin releases hydrochloric acid at a high temperature which then bonds with the metal surface and forms a thin and solid film of lubrication.

Stain resistance

Chlorinated paraffin uses are vast with most demand by industries due to its other characteristic which is stain resistant. This is a very important factor for the chlorinated paraffin uses where aesthetics plays a major role such as flooring, wall coverings, and upholstery. Along with this, sulfurized additives can stain metals and cause rancidity.

Low- temperature flexibility

In comparison to other plasticizers, chlorinated paraffin uses ensures great flexibility at a lower temperature. So, with these characteristics, chlorinated paraffin uses to enhance the manufacture of products that require high flexibility, especially in cold weather such as flooring, wire, cable insulation, and garden hose. For the production of plastics, the chlorinated plasticizer is added to increase the elasticity such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Resistant to water and chemicals

Chlorinated paraffin is highly resistant to water and chemicals. With this advantage, chlorinated paraffin is added to paints, sealants, and coatings. It is especially used in paints for traffic markings and marine applications such as swimming pools, vessel manufacturing, and industrial flooring.

Plastisol viscosity stability

Chlorinated paraffin provides viscosity stability to plastisol. This is especially critical and effective in the manufacturing of PVC plastisol, to maintain its viscosity stability for an extended period of time. This is beneficial usually during the dip and rotational molding.

Major applications of CP used by chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India

Chlorinated paraffin is generally used as a plasticizer in the manufacturing of-

  • Flame retardant for textiles and all kinds of fabrics
  • Fire-proof Paints, flooring, films, sheets, lubricants, coatings
  • Sealants and adhesives
  • Rubber products such as V-belts
  • Cooling
  • Lubricant in metal cutting or forming
  • PVC tubing tubes for gardening, irrigation, and other industrial work
  • Chlorinated paraffin-based PVC is used as garden pipe raw material
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There is a long history and demand for chlorinated paraffin in the market for day-to-day users to industrial-level applications based on these benefits and chlorinated paraffin uses. The best quality of chlorinated paraffin required for these commercial-grade industrial applications is manufactured by OMAL being the leading chlorinated paraffin manufacturer with different grades of chlorinated paraffin manufactured available across India.

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