Hydrochloric acid is a strong corrosive acid with a unique pungent smell. It is an aqueous, water-based solution of hydrogen chlorine gas. It is also known as Hydrogen chloride and muriatic acid and is the main component of gastric acid that is produced naturally in the human stomach to digest food but doesn’t cause any damage to the stomach due to the presence of a mucus layer. It can be produced synthetically and there are various synthesis methods to do so along with many commercial and industrial applications. It is generally used for the neutralization of alkaline agents, as a bleaching agent in the textile industry, and also used in the rubber industry. It is also used in the food industry as a preservative and to cater to all the requirements of the hydrochloric acid in bulk quantities, OMAL is the bulk Hydrochloric acid supplier in India with its import and export domestic supply as well as the international chain.

Structure of Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is abbreviated as HCl which is a diatomic molecule formed with Hydrogen (H) and Chlorine (Cl) with both molecules aligned in a straight line at a 90* angle. The structure of HCL in itself is not complex but the compounds formed from it can have different complex structures. Dilute HCl is commonly used in schools and colleges and as compared to others is a mild acid. It doesn’t cause many adverse effects if it is used in diluted form and with proper care such as Do not inhale the vapors liberated, Do not touch the acid with bare hands, always use hand gloves with safety goggles, and should always be used in a ventilated area.


Hydrochloric acid has various applications in different domains of various industries such as-

HCl is used in the Steel industry for pickling purposes

It is a process in which dilute HCl is used to remove rust or iron oxide from steel and iron before the processing to yield wires, or tin mill products, galvanizing and rolling process. The concentration of HCl used for pickling is 18% concentration.


Neutralization is the process to regulate the pH and Hydrochloric acid can be used for the same. It is a good option to be used for neutralizing the pH of waste streams, water streams, or swimming pools.

Manufacturing of products, cleaners, and food processing

It is used for household cleaning because of its corrosive properties and removes tough stains such as porcelain and bathroom tiles. It is also used for the production of products like bulbs, batteries, and battery chargers. It also has its applications in the production of leather processing along with the uses in the production of corn syrups used in sweets and soft drinks. HCl is also used to enhance the shelf life of canned goods and juices.

Used in laboratories

HCl is used in laboratories to carry out chemistry experiments being one of the most commonly used mineral acids. It is a strong acidifying agent and is used in titration for the determination of the number of bases.

Apart from the above mentioned applications of hydrochloric acid, some other uses of hydrochloric acid are-

  • Production of Ossein/ gelatin to treat animal bones and skin.
  • Chemicals such as calcium chloride, phosphoric acid, CSA, FeCl
  • Demineralization plant
  • For manufacturing of fullers earth
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles

Hydrochloric acid is one of the useful mineral acids used widely in various commercial industries to produce different products and on industrial level to synthesize other chemical compounds.

Biggest bulk hydrochloric acid supplier

Hydrochloric acid should be used with caution and is declared a toxic substance by the Environmental Protection Agency because of its corrosive nature and threat to human health. If HCl comes in contact with skin, it can cause burns and severe skin damage so to protect that personal protective equipment is used. Exposure to HCl irritates the eyes and is an immense danger to the eyesight. Inhalation of HCl can also cause breathing problems, cough, severe irritation, and choking sensation. After exposure to HCl, you should wash your hands properly and discard the contaminated clothes. If irritation persists, you should consult a doctor immediately for medical assistance. Hydrochloric acid should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place in PVC containers and be kept away from metals, alkali agents, and oxidizing agents.

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