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Chlorinated paraffin (CP) is a complex group of man-made compounds primarily used as coolant lubricants for metal workings. Chlorinated paraffin is a chemical manufactured by the chlorination of paraffin wax and liquid chlorine. It is mainly used as a plasticizer and retardant in flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Chlorinated paraffin is also commonly used as a sealant in cosmetics. Chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India i.e., OMAL being the top chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India produces premium quality chlorinated paraffin which is also widely used to produce metal working lubricants and is recognized as the most useful component used in engineering domains.

Secondary plasticizers and flame retardants manufactured by chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India are used to manufacture plastics, rubber, adhesives, paints & sealants. More than one million tons of chlorinated paraffin products are annually manufactured in India by chlorinated paraffin suppliers.

About chlorinated paraffin History

Since 1930, chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India are producing chlorinated paraffin wax by the reaction of chlorine gas with unbranched fragments of paraffin. The manufacturing procedure is carried out at 80 – 100 degrees Celsius temperature. For marketing, the chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India classified the products as substances with unknown or variable compositions. CP is a complex fusion of chlorinated alkanes with thousands of homologs or isomers. Standard logical methods cannot be used to separate them.

According to chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India, CP may have a chlorination level between 30 – 70%. The CPW can be further classified into its small carbon chains i.e., C10-13 (short chain CPs), C14-17 (medium chain CPs), above C18 (long chain CPs), and above C21 (very long chain CPs).

Benefits of using Chlorinated Paraffins

According to chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India, CP is a widely used product in the manufacturing industry. It has many benefits and some of which are listed below:

  • It is used as a retardant in a wide variety of operations, with low-cost results.
  • At lower temperatures, CPW has higher flexibility as compared to traditional plasticizers.
  • CPW also has superior resistance to chemicals & water.
  • Density can be regulated during rotational & dip molding to ensure the stability of PVC.
  • It helps in cleaning of essence corridor. The lubricant helps remove grease, canvas & other pollutants.

Applications of Chlorinated Paraffin (CP)

The main use of Chlorinated paraffin is as a secondary plasticizer in manufacturing domains. Chlorinated paraffin when exposed to high temperatures releases a high amount of HCI (Hydrochloric acid). HCI is used in the conformational process in its condensed phase. Some other uses of Chlorinated paraffin include-

  • Maquillages sealants: it is used as a coating in business marks makeup and marine operations. It is also used for coating artificial flooring, boats, swimming pools, etc.
  • Chlorinated paraffin is used as adhesives, caulks, plastics, and coolants in metalworking fluids.
  • CP is also used as additives, in textiles, as leather fat, coating of upholstery furniture, flooring, etc.

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