Calcium chloride is an ionic compound of calcium and chlorine which is also known as CaCl2. The compound is electrically neutral and is a naturally derived calcium derived salt which is an odorless and colorless salt. It is naturally available and can be used to synthetically produce various compounds. It is a crystalline white-colored solid at room temperature and is produced as the main by-product while producing soda ash by the Solvay process or manufactured from limestone. It is highly soluble in water even at room temperature and the solution produced from calcium and water is known as CaCl2 solution which plays an important role in the biochemistry domain.

Calcium chloride is a natural absorbent so it is used to absorb or eliminate dissolved moisture in liquids and is widely used for packaging food as it maintains dryness and avoids food from getting spoiled. To get good quality calcium chloride compounds, you should take and consider premium calcium chloride manufacturers in India.

Indian Manufacturer Of Calcium Chloride

OMAL is one of the leading manufacturers of Calcium Chloride in India and is most commonly used in Refinery and Oil field chemicals. Owing to years of research and experience with in-depth market knowledge, we are capable of manufacturing, supplying, and exporting industrial calcium chloride products which have different applications in different industries which makes us the leading manufacturers of calcium chloride in India along with various other fine quality products.

Our experienced team of qualified professionals working with the calcium chloride manufacturers in India analyzes industrial calcium chloride on certain well-defined parameters to ensure zero impurity. Calcium chloride is irritating and needs to be managed and handled after wearing protective gloves. The leading manufacturer of calcium chloride in India stores the calcium chloride compound away from incompatible substances and moisture. They are closed tightly in a cool place in a well-ventilated place.

Features of Calcium chloride

Some of the general features of calcium chloride compound which are maintained by all the manufacturers of Calcium chloride in India are discussed below-

  • Effective and pure- The calcium chloride produced by our expert manufacturing team is in the purest form and is a very effective compound.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly- Calcium chloride is less toxic due to it is used in small amounts in food. It is hazardous due to its drying property and the exothermic reaction that takes place when it is dissolved in water.
  • Longer shelf life with precise pH- Due to the very refined manufacturing process, the calcium chloride synthesized has a longer shelf life with very precise pH values.

Applications of Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride has various properties which is the reason for its widespread use by laboratories and manufacturers of calcium chloride in India. Some of the applications of calcium chloride are as follows-

  • It is used for the production of activated charcoal.
  • It is used as a food additive and preservative in fruits and vegetables.
  • It is used as a disinfectant in water treatment plants and as a swimming pool chemical.
  • It is used in heating pads and self-heating cans.
  • It is used as an electrolyte in sports drinks.
  • It is used to prevent ice formation and due to this, they are also used for packing drying tubes in laboratories.
  • It is also used in brewing beer to fulfill all mineral deficiencies.

The application and usage of calcium chloride are widely used in various industries such as refrigeration and electronics, metal processing and mining, petroleum and petrochemicals, construction and agriculture, food, wastewater treatment, and many others. These industries export products from the leading manufacturers of calcium chloride in India.

Calcium chloride solution/ CaCl2 solution

Calcium chloride has high solubility and due to this, it is highly soluble in water even at room temperature. It can be used to obtain solutions with high densities. It is mainly used in biochemistry as some primary human cells respond to calcium concentration in a culture medium so the CaCl2 solution is a clear colorless and sterile solution. The Cacl2 solution prepared from the calcium chloride compound manufactured by the leading manufacturers of Calcium chloride in India yields effective results.

Why is OMAL considered one of the leading manufacturers of Calcium chloride in India?

OMAL is one of the leading manufacturers of calcium chloride in India being the global exporter and supplier across the world.

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