Chlorinated paraffin contains the chlorination of paraffin ranging from C9-C23 which contains the iso chain in the carbon structure. They are the most affordable and sustainable and are used in Reprocessed and Inferior Grade PVC Formulations. This results in advantages in heat stability and viscosity for the Unbranched material.
OMAL is the leading chlorinated paraffin manufacturer in India and is trusted by many customers for its commercial-grade chlorinated paraffin.

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Type Viscosity
Z Grade- M type Medium Viscosity
Z Grade –T type Low Viscosity

Benefits of Z-Grade Chlorinated paraffins

  • Very high loading
  • No oil sweating
  • Product flexibility increases with high dosage
  • W-Grade are commercial grade chlorinated paraffin

    This grade of chlorinated paraffin is one of the highest selling for producing cheap and best quality commercial grade chlorinated paraffin products.

    Type Gravity at 27ºC App Chlorine content
    W Grade 52 1.28 to 1.32 50- 52%
    W Grade 58 1.38 to 1.42 58-60%

    Frequently Asked Questions About chlorinated paraffin

    According to the degree of processing and refining, chlorinated paraffin can be divided into three grades which are fully refined chlorinated paraffin, semi-refined chlorinated paraffin, and crude chlorinated paraffin.

    Chlorinated paraffins are used in networking fluids, such as cutting oils and high-pressure lubricating oils, as a plasticizer and in some cases as flame retardants in various previous Polyvinyl chloride products (PVC products).