Chlorinated paraffins are also known as CP which is a complex mixture of polychlorinated n-alkanes. It is a secondary compound plasticizer which is a transparent viscous liquid with a distinct sweet liquid. The degree of chlorination usually varies from 30 to 70% by weight which defines its quality and applications. Chlorinated paraffin 52 H1 is a specialized premium quality chlorinated medium chain (C14-C17) with superior performance properties distinguishing it from other available chlorinated paraffin substitutes. OMAL 52 H1 is a specialized plasticizer due to its superior heat and light stability of chlorinated paraffins. It has excellent plasticizing properties and is compatible with a wide range of polymer types which allows the partial replacement of primary plasticizers. OMAL proves to be the top chlorinated paraffin manufacturer in India by manufacturing to the highest quality standards in a modern facility. Our products provide water- resistance and low volatility which makes us one of the chlorinated paraffin manufacturers in India.

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Major applications of Chlorinated paraffins

The major application of chlorinated paraffins is that it is a secondary compound plasticizer in paints, sealants, and adhesives where the main advantage is the inertness and the enhancement of flame retardant properties.

They are used in flame retardants in rubber and polymer systems where they are used in preference to phosphate and bromine-based activities.

Formulation of the metal networking lubricants as they are the most effective pressure adhesives for lubricants used in a wide range of machining and engineering operation.

With all the above applications, it holds a long history of safe use, and many customers who are using chlorinated paraffin manufactured in India by us which makes us the top chlorinated paraffins manufacturers in India.


1 1 Chlorine Content % 52.0 ± 2.0
2 Color in Hazen Units (HU) 70 Max.
3 Specific Gravity @ 30oC 1.280 +- 0.2
4 Viscosity @ 25oC, Poise 22-Dec
5 Free Mineral Acidity as mg KOH / gm 0.1 Max.
6 Heat Stability @ 180oC for 20 min. Color changes to yellow from its original color
7 Thermal Stability after 4 hrs. @ 175oC 0.20 Max
8 volatile loss @ 130oC for 3 hrs., percent by mass 1.5%Max
9 PH Value of 10 % aqueous extract(W/V) 6.0 +- 0.5


Chlorinated paraffin is specialized plasticizer with at vast range of applications in different industrial domains. OMAL produces different grades of chlorinated paraffin which provides good performance parameters with enhanced thermal stability and high thermal decomposition.


Chlorinated paraffin has a wide range of applications such as metal networking fluids like cutting oils and high-pressure lubrication oils which are plasticizers and are also used as flame-retardants in PVC products. Chlorinated paraffin can also be used in products like paints, sealants, rubbers, etc.

According to a 1976 report, chlorinated paraffin is partially toxic in humans with an oral lethal dose of over 15g/kg for a 70kg person. They hold a summary of oral acute and short term toxicity in humans.

Chlorinated paraffin is a mixture of polychlorinated n-alkanes produced by the reaction of chloride with specific normal paraffin fractions from the petroleum distillation process.

Chlorinated paraffin is synthesized by the reaction of chlorine gas with unbranched paraffin fractions at a temperature between 80-100*C. The radial substitution is promoted by UV light.