Hydrochloric acid is aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas and is very soluble in water. It is main component of gastric acid which is acid produced by stomach naturally. Hydrochloric acid is produced synthetically for various industrial and commercial applications by hydrochloric acid manufacturer in India.

All industrial workers are advised to wear protectives equipment as vapor respirators, rubber gloves, splash goggles, and face shields. Plastic containers made of PVC are store hydrochloric acid as metal containers can't the corrosive nature of hydrochloric acid. OMAL is lead hydrochloric acid manufacturer in India with all premium quality products.


Frequently asked questions about Hydrochloric acid

Is Hydrochloric acid harmful to humans?

Hydrochloric acid is also known as HCl is a clear, poisonous liquid. It is highly corrosive that can cause damage to tissues such as burning on contact.

What does hydrochloric acid do to the skin?

Skin exposure to low concentrations of hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chlorine gas can cause erythema or inflammation of the skin whereas skin exposure to the high concentrated hydrochloric acid causes severe chemical burns to the skin or mucous membrane.

Can hydrochloric acid make wrinkles worse?

Hydrochloric acid makes wrinkles worse if used incorrectly like on dry skin without use of moisturizers. Hydrochloric acid leaves skin drier and makes skin more prone to ageing.